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Dietary supplements in medical practition

Just recently citizens of Europe begin to realize that the majority of their medical issues can’t be solved by symptomatic treatment only, and the achievement of full recovery can only be accessible with lifestyle change and proper diet.

In my own medical experience - which is in sync with European surveys – more and more medical practitioners proposing alternative treatments for their patients.

All over the EU there’s an exponential growth in people choosing non-conventional treatment. European approach to non-conventional medicine is based on the principle of patients’ freedom of choice in health care. European Parliament had serious discussions in the subject matter ending in resolution A4-0075/97 saying :”that different methods of treatment and different approaches to health and illness are not mutually exclusive, but can on the contrary be used to complement one another,”. By this resolution complementary treatment has to be recognized by law.

The Council of Europe welcomed the parliament’s resolution, and in it’s Resolution 1206 (1999) A European approach to non-conventional medicines, the Assembly called „on the member states to support and speed up the comparative studies and research programs currently under way in the European Union and to disseminate the findings widely”. Because „The Assembly believes that the best guarantee for patients lies in a properly trained profession, which is aware of its limitations, has a system of ethics and self-regulation, and is also subject to outside control.

That kind of guarantee is only achievable in Hungary if the medical practitioners are qualified enough in the subject matter.

In the field of homeopathy significant improvements had been achieved, but treatments using dietary supplements are relatively unknown in our country. Even though in different V4 states like the Czech Republic or Slovakia colleagues are in the possession of significant knowledge in the subject. With the support of the EU conferences had been held for both members of the medical field, and laymen, to expose the possibility of treatment using dietary supplements. The usage of these products can also have a positive financial effect, since they can lower the dosage, or in some cases can be used instead of expensive drugs, besides with these supplements the side effect of different drugs could also be avoided.

Furthermore if the profession acquires the proper knowledge of these remedies. with the  quality filtrations of the market, it will be easier and more accessible to only offer the best treatment for the patients. It would also roll back the distribution and usage of cheap, non-reliable products. In the best of my belief I can say that sharing of theoretical acquaintance in the subject with the profession not only serves the best interest of the patients but also the medical attendant. That’s why it would be a necessity to start organizing conferences in the subject in Hungary too.


István Tihanyi MD

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